Locked out of Your Car Late at Night? Here's What You Need to Do

It can be an unpleasant thought, but if it was to happen to you, it's important to know the best courses of action. Imagine being about to get into your car late at night to make your way home, only to discover that your keys are gone. Perhaps they have been lost, left behind somewhere, or even stolen. The reason might not even be all that important at this stage, and the most pressing issue is that it's late at night and you can't get into your car. [Read More]

What to Do If Your Children Lock Themselves in the Car

There are many things that could be considered to be a parent's worst nightmare, but your kids locking themselves in your car is probably on the list. Time is a really critical factor here, although older kids can be instructed to unlock the car when it becomes evident that you don't find the situation in the slightest bit amusing. Here are a few likely scenarios and what you can do. [Read More]

3 Stunning Door Handle Designs for a Striking and Modern Front Door

The front door to a home is an important feature. It's the first thing that visitors will see when entering your home and an attractive, good quality door makes a strong first impression. There is a wide range of sizes, styles and materials available on the market for front doors, and many contemporary designs will add some wow factor and increase the kerb appeal of your home's exterior. An important yet often overlooked feature of the front door is the choice of handle. [Read More]

Getting the most out of your self-storage space

Whether you're moving house, storing excess inventory for your business or looking for a safe place to store your band's amps, a self-storage space can be an affordable solution to your space shortage. Before you put your goods into storage, though, you'll want to make a few basic preparations.  Pack and wrap Everything you place in storage should be securely wrapped and boxed, not just to protect it while it's in storage but also for the journey to and from the storage centre. [Read More]