2 Vital Commercial Security Items To Keep Your New Business' Premises Safe

Starting a new business is an exciting yet challenging time. As well as the many organisational tasks you'll need to complete, it's also very important to ensure that the security of your premises is up to scratch. Whatever type of business you are starting, you'll need to make sure that your premises, stock and equipment isn't vulnerable to criminal activity.

Commercial security is similar in many ways to home security, and it's best to approach it with multiple security measures. Here are two essential security items that will help to keep your new business safe and secure.

1. Additional door locks

Every business premises should come with a secure lock on all external doors. However, it's a wise idea to add another lock to each door to be confident that they're not going to be compromised. Not all locks are created equal, and standard door locks provide very little resistance to a determined thief. Opt for a sturdy deadlock that's sold for commercial purposes.

Adding a second lock to each door is also wise to prevent unlawful entry by people who may hold spare keys to the premises. This can include a long list of previous tenants, as well as real estate agents and contractors. The second lock will give you added peace of mind if you think there may be unaccounted for keys in circulation.

If you have a number of staff members who will need to gain access to your premises, it's worth installing a keypad operated lock. This means you aren't handing out multiple keys, which could be lost or stolen. Also, you can simply change the code for the keypad as and when it's required instead of replacing the whole lock.

2. Security cameras

Criminals who break into businesses like to do so without being detected. Removing this scenario is often enough to deter thieves from attempting to enter your premises. The most effective way to do this is by adding security cameras which cover all the external doors and windows.

Modern innovations have made security camera systems relatively inexpensive, and they also provide excellent quality surveillance and footage. Most systems can now be connected to your smartphone, so you can get alerts if they detect movement and you can also view the exterior of your business premises from anywhere with an internet connection.

When installing new locks, keypads or security cameras, make sure that you have the work completed by a professional commercial locksmith. They can supply commercial quality equipment and make sure that it's installed correctly.