Dog Days Are Over: How Your Pet Pooch Can Help You to Hide a Spare Key

The very existence of a dog can make people think twice before they approach your front door. It doesn't matter if they're selling something, wanting to chat about Jesus, or even sizing up whether they'll break into your home, a dog is enough to make people stop in their tracks. It doesn't always matter what kind of dog it is either. There's another way in which your dog can help you to keep your home secure. Is forgetting or losing the front door key something that happens regularly to you or someone in your family? If you're on a first name basis with your local 24/7 locksmith, you might have considered the idea of hiding a spare key somewhere on your property. And your pet pooch can help you to do this safely.

Under the Bowl

You're probably aware of those small key hiding boxes that can be attached with magnets, with the general idea that they should be placed against your guttering or under your home's eaves. Let your dog look after it instead. Get a metal feeding or water bowl with a curved base that creates a hollow. The key hiding box can then be placed in the hollow, held in place with its magnets. A potential thief isn't going to try and check your dog's food bowls.

Under the Kennel

If your dog has a kennel, this also creates an excellent hiding place for your key. Simply put the key into a small plastic ziplock bag (remove the keyring so the package can lie flat) and place it underneath the kennel. The weight of the kennel (with or without your dog inside) keeps the key safe and hidden. And obviously, a thief isn't going to lift up your dog's house just in case a key happens to be there.

On Your Dog

The effectiveness of this last tip depends on your dog. If your dog is the type who rushes up happily to strangers, then it's not going to be a good idea. But if your dog is hesitant or even territorial when a stranger enters their turf, you could securely attach the spare key to your dog's collar. It's there and ready if you should need it, and it has a dedicated guard at all other times.

Being locked out of your home can be a massive bother, so it's good to know that your pet pooch can help this problem to become a thing of the past.