Avoiding Lockouts and Minimising Your Need for Emergency Locksmiths

Residential lockouts are not uncommon. Often, people find themselves stranded at their doorsteps due to the loss or misplacement of a key. Also, the entrance door might be inaccessible due to the malfunction or damage of the key. Moreover, a key might get stuck or broken within the door. When this happens to you, it is important to contact an emergency locksmith for help. An experienced expert will help you open your door while preserving the integrity of your entrance. However, it is important to note that lockouts are preventable through proper planning and cautious practices. Here are simple tips on avoiding lockouts and reducing calls to an emergency locksmith.

Maintain Your Locks

Your door locks might fail to open due to the failure of the internal mechanisms. If the internal parts of your door are rusted and clogged with dirt, it is only a matter of time before you are locked out. Therefore, you should plan on caring for your locks regularly. Wipe off dirt from the surfaces to prevent the buildup of grime. You should also apply a lubricant into the lock to keep the internal components mobile. Moreover, this will minimise the risk of corrosion. Additionally, you should monitor the lock for anomalies and conduct repairs immediately.

Prepare Duplicates

You should be prepared in case you lose or misplace your keys. This problem is the most common cause of lockouts and emergency door-opening services. Losing keys might seem like an issue for which you cannot plan, but it is not the case. You should assume that you will lose your keys at one point. Therefore, use your original key to prepare some duplicates. Place the duplicates in a safe place in case of an emergency. Under ideal circumstances, you should give a copy to a trusted family member, friend or neighbour. You can also keep a copy of the key with you in your bag or car in case you lose your main keys. However, avoid leaving a key in conspicuous places like in a potted plant, under the mat or on a windowsill.

Replace Old Locks

Finally, it is advisable to think about replacing your old locks with newer ones. Old locks are more vulnerable to damage and failure and can run the risk of being easily accessible to burglaries and robberies. Therefore, you should install new locks. During the replacement, consider choosing keyless locks with keypads or biometrics. These do not require keys, so lockouts are not likely to occur.