3 Tips For Fixing Broken Door Locks in a Home

The front door of your home is the most likely place to be targeted by someone trying to gain access into your home. A broken front door means that a homeowner has severely diminished the security of their property. Regardless of the type of lock problem you encounter, you have to diagnose the issue and find a lasting solution. A locksmith is a reliable and trustworthy professional who can deal with a lock problem and fix it immediately. [Read More]

Avoiding Lockouts and Minimising Your Need for Emergency Locksmiths

Residential lockouts are not uncommon. Often, people find themselves stranded at their doorsteps due to the loss or misplacement of a key. Also, the entrance door might be inaccessible due to the malfunction or damage of the key. Moreover, a key might get stuck or broken within the door. When this happens to you, it is important to contact an emergency locksmith for help. An experienced expert will help you open your door while preserving the integrity of your entrance. [Read More]

2 Vital Commercial Security Items To Keep Your New Business' Premises Safe

Starting a new business is an exciting yet challenging time. As well as the many organisational tasks you'll need to complete, it's also very important to ensure that the security of your premises is up to scratch. Whatever type of business you are starting, you'll need to make sure that your premises, stock and equipment isn't vulnerable to criminal activity. Commercial security is similar in many ways to home security, and it's best to approach it with multiple security measures. [Read More]

Dog Days Are Over: How Your Pet Pooch Can Help You to Hide a Spare Key

The very existence of a dog can make people think twice before they approach your front door. It doesn't matter if they're selling something, wanting to chat about Jesus, or even sizing up whether they'll break into your home, a dog is enough to make people stop in their tracks. It doesn't always matter what kind of dog it is either. There's another way in which your dog can help you to keep your home secure. [Read More]