3 Stunning Door Handle Designs for a Striking and Modern Front Door

The front door to a home is an important feature. It's the first thing that visitors will see when entering your home and an attractive, good quality door makes a strong first impression. There is a wide range of sizes, styles and materials available on the market for front doors, and many contemporary designs will add some wow factor and increase the kerb appeal of your home's exterior.

An important yet often overlooked feature of the front door is the choice of handle. Although the door handle is relatively small compared to the overall door size, the right choice of handle can make a big impression. Here are three beautiful and modern door handle designs which might be the perfect choice for your front door.

1. A satin chrome door handle

Satin chrome is a metal finish that is applied to standard chrome products. It provides the light, bright look of chrome but has a softer and more muted finish than polished chrome. The matte finish is a perfect choice for front doors which receive a lot of handling and will be less vulnerable to the unsightly fingerprints which plague a more shiny finish.

2. A black powder coated door handle

The dark, matte finish of black powder coating is a modern and popular choice in home decor. It's commonly used on bathroom and kitchen fittings and is also a great material for front door handles. This finish is bold and striking and looks amazing when contrasted with brightly painted doors or timber doors with a high gloss varnish.

3. A mixed timber and metal door handle

Some new and very appealing products on the market successfully combine timber and metal to create an eye-catching and high-end look for your front door. The richness of the timber contrasts beautifully the metal and the result is a feature that has an air of architectural design. Generally, the timber is set into the metal frame to ensure the door handle is sturdy and durable. You can buy this style of handle off the shelf from many manufacturers or you can have one custom made to your exact specifications.

As well as looking beautiful, your front door needs to be safe and secure. After choosing one of these decorative door handles, make sure your front door is also fitted with a high-quality mortice or deadlock. This means your door will add both beauty and security to the main entrance to your home.