Getting the most out of your self-storage space

Whether you're moving house, storing excess inventory for your business or looking for a safe place to store your band's amps, a self-storage space can be an affordable solution to your space shortage. Before you put your goods into storage, though, you'll want to make a few basic preparations. 

Pack and wrap

Everything you place in storage should be securely wrapped and boxed, not just to protect it while it's in storage but also for the journey to and from the storage centre. Wrap fragile items securely in bubble wrap before placing them in boxes. You should be able to stack your boxes without crushing their contents, so don't overfill them. Dense items like books will lead to full boxes being too heavy to move easily, so try covering a base layer of heavy items with an upper layer of lighter items like clothes or bedding. If you need bubble wrap and boxes -- and you might be surprised at how much you'll go through -- ask your storage provider if they have some. 

Keep them off the floor

Storage spaces provide secure environments for you to store your belongings, but taking some precautions is still wise. Where possible, use shelves or shipping pallets to keep your boxes and other items that might be vulnerable to dampness away from the floor. Again, ask your storage provider if they have pallets available to buy or use. They may also have equipment such as handcarts available to help you move your heavier items. 

Label, label, label

Once you've got your items packed, you need to label each box clearly. You may remember what's in which box when you're standing in your own home, but you'll likely forget as time passes. Label each box clearly on both the sides and the top. If you're packing for a house move, you should also mark the room the box will eventually go in. Keep a spare marker in the storage unit in case you need to update box markings. 

Plan your storage space

To get the most out of self storage solutions, think about how you're going to use the space. If you're going to be picking inventory, place your most common boxes in an easy-to-access space near the entrance. If you're storing belongings during a move, make sure the things you might need during the interim are where you can easily get to them. 

Self storage is a great way to deal with a space shortage in your home or business; taking these simple preparatory steps can help you get the most out of it.