Improving Modern Tractor Security Systems

As expensive pieces of agricultural machinery, modern tractors are in need of a number of security systems. They are often left unattended, particularly overnight, in rural locations and are consequently a prime target for thieves. Although it is known that tractors are stolen from Australian farms on a regular basis, the true figures for such crimes are unknown because so many agricultural vehicles remain unregistered with the authorities. The first thing to do with your tractor is to make sure that it is registered so that you can report it if it goes missing. What else should you be doing?

Keys and Ignition

Although modern tractors are high-value items, some of the most recent models have key locks which are not much better than the average family car. Some makers don't take restricting access to the cab as seriously as they might. Furthermore, forcing an old key into the ignition to get a tractor up and running is all too often how thieves make off with them. In order to improve the level of key security your tractor has, ask a professional vehicle locksmith to fit new locks to both the doors and the ignition.

If you are doing so, then you may as well ask them to fit an immobiliser for you as well. Relatively cheap to fit, these devices will render a vehicle undrivable without the proper authority. In the case of an immobiliser, you cannot start the engine even if you can force ignition unless you have the system's radio frequency identification tag in the vicinity.

Tractor Tracking Systems

Across the entire automotive sector, GPS tracking systems are becoming increasingly recommended as the security measure of choice. Police, crime prevention groups and insurance companies all recommend them, especially where high-value vehicles are concerned. A tractor fitted with one may not prevent it from being stolen, but it allows the authorities to track it down once it has gone. Although you may ask how this benefits you, it helps to break up the gangs which steal things like tractors to order. Your farm will soon get a reputation for taking security seriously and thieves will steer clear in future. Fitting one will often mean a reduction in your insurance premiums, too.

Park Under a Security Light

Since most tractors are stolen at night, it is a good idea to make it harder for thieves by leaving yours in a place that makes it trickier to go unnoticed. A motion sensor controlled floodlight is all that is required to keep all but the most determined would-be thieves away from your tractor.

If you store your tractor inside at any point, talk with a commercial locksmith about fitting your storage shed with the proper locks.