Effective Ways of Enhancing Window Security

If you already have security cameras installed around your house, functioning locks and a fence, it is easy to pay little attention to windows. However, poorly secured windows are an attractive option to burglars because most homeowners do not bother with them. Therefore, bolstering the locks on your windows is crucial to making your home burglarproof. This article highlights practical ways of enhancing your windows' security.

Install Glass Break Detector

Although the locks on modern windows are designed to be tamper-proof, someone can still gain access to your house if they break the glass. Therefore, one way to increase window security is to install a glass break detector. The two-part sensor activates an alarm if a glass pane is shattered or broken. The first part of the sensor is installed outside a glass pane while the other half remains inside. When glass breaks, the sound activates the sensors, which trigger an alarm. Besides, after installing a glass break detector, you do not have to worry about burglars picking the lock. The reason is that the simple act of opening an armed window triggers the alarm. The best part is that glass break detectors offer an element of surprise because they are difficult for burglars to spot.

Clear Bushes Near Windows

Most homeowners think that enhancing window security only means integrating sophisticated security features. However, there is more to making window security better. For instance, clearing the bushes and hedges close to your home is one way of doing it. When vegetation grows close to a window, it creates a blind spot; hence, security cameras might miss someone hiding on the opposite side of the bush. Unless you use thermal cameras, clearing overgrown vegetation near your windows is a practical yet cost-effective alternative. In addition, it keeps pests and dangerous animals, such as snakes, out of your property.

Install Grilles

Window grilles are perhaps the most effective way to keep burglars out of your house when you are away but want to leave the windows open. Metal grilles are usually installed on ground floor windows since they are easily accessible than windows on higher floors. Although window grilles offer an impressive level of resistance against burglars, there is a trade-off. Notably, you have to compromise on aesthetics to enjoy the increased level of security that metal grilles provide. Nonetheless, burglars avoid security features that require a lot of hard work to breach.

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